Social and digital media

It is important that your digital activities strengthen and align with your other communication activities, and PR-operatørene will show you how.

PR-operatørene ensures that social media and own digital channels become an integrated part of your business’ communication strategies. We believe that your own channels and social media shouldn’t be treated as isolated activities, but rather integrate with other PR and marketing communications.

Our consultants can put together concrete plans that handle communication needs that are relevant for your business, while our experts in editorial production and media relations can assist in efforts to develop and maintain a dialogue with the media.

PR-operatørene helps you with the main social networking sites (such as Facebook and Instagram), microblogs (such as Twitter) and sharing solutions (such as YouTube and Flickr). We consider the possibilities, suggest solutions and help with the implementation – whether it is a platform on Facebook or developing a company blog.

PR-operatørene shows you how.

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