Crisis management

It pays off to be prepared for the worst that might happen. What should your business say and do when a crisis occurs?

The smallest incidents can quickly blow up into a media storm. If an organisation is affected by a media crisis, whether it is real or media-created, it is important to keep a cool head. PR-operatørene’s experienced advisors ensure that a clear plan is developed, and that the appropriate spokesperson is drilled in proper messaging and interviewing techniques. In a crisis situation, often much needs to be done at the same time, and different people have different information needs. To be prepared for such a situation, it may be wise to prepare a crisis communication plan. If a crisis does arise all relevant personnel are familiar with their roles and tasks. We are happy to contribute to this work. PR-operatørene also has a hotline open 24/7, all year round, in case of emergency.

A solid foundation ensures good results.

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