Mats Ekern

Visual Content Producer & Consultant

Mats is a Consultant at PR-operatørene, and works with content creation, idea development and social media.

Mats is very passionate about storytelling, and religiously fond of expressing our world through visual and moving mediums.

When Mats finished  his education he started to work as a freelancer in Oslo, where he gathered experience from a wide spectrum of clients. He has had a passion for creative work his whole life, and has professionally worked with film production, motion graphics, web development and graphic design.

Mats is mostly self-taught, and loves to spend his spare time developing new skills, or playing around with ongoing projects. Otherwise he likes to skate, draw or go on boating trips in the Oslofjord.

With great insight to the youth’s world, and an unique understanding of internet culture, he knows how to appeal to the most challenging focus group, Gen Z.

Send Mats Ekern an email   or   call (+47) 480 42 620