When is the skrei coming?

Skroll ned

Skrei is one of the best foods in the ocean and is only available for a short period every year. Chefs from the entire country agree that the fish has a unique quality with rich taste and texture. That is something most Norwegians do not know.

Background and objectives

Many Norwegians know and have heard about skrei, and many consume it. Although, the biggest consumers of skrei are the population over 60. The challenge is that many consider it a traditional fish with few possibilities of variation. Besides, not everyone is aware that the fish is seasonally based.

The Norwegian Seafood Council and Godfisk.no, therefore, wanted to market skrei as a premium product, modernize the recipes, and position skrei as a seasonal product for the younger generations.

To ensure the goal was reached it was important to include premium and seasonal perspectives in the communication. It was also important to deliver target audiences new and exciting recipes that both surprised and inspired them to eat skrei. Ultimately, one of the keys to success was letting Norwegians taste skrei.


The campaign was split into three parts. The objective of the first part was to create a momentum of excitement and thrill for the following skrei season that supported the seasonal aspect. For this part, we produced video content on Facebook to build engagement and anticipation for the upcoming season. We used specific tools to make it very clear this was about a seasonal product.

The second part of the campaign began when the skrei season started. The goal then was to inspire people with new recipes and show that skrei is a premium product. To attain credibility, we partnered with three different chefs as skrei ambassadors. Frode Laupsa, a former member of the chef national team, Renee Fagerhøi, Masterchef-winner, and Mikael Svensson, founder of the Michelin awarded restaurant Kontrast in Oslo.

Each chef contributed to creating their unique skrei recipe that resulted in new and modern dishes for consumers. Recipes and other content were published on godfisk.no and distributed as content through paid channels. The ambassadors were also used for media outreach in deserved channels.

The third part of the campaign was about giving the target audience taste samples in stores. Here, we partnered with Kulinarisk Akademi which made the skrei recipes. They contributed by having demos and taste samples inside stores in the Oslo metropolitan area.


The Facebook video content was well shared and received great engagement. In this part, we focused on empathizing the seasonal aspect. Short, precise, and engaging content became a key factor for success in this part of the campaign.

By using professional chef-ambassadors, we succeeded in presenting skrei as a premium commodity. Their contribution helped inspire consumers and modernize the recipes. Besides, we created content about the chefs and their relationship to skrei which got us deserved attention.

The content was pushed through paid channels during the whole seasonal period which played a big part in exposing Norwegians to the commodity and informing them about this year’s season.

Tastings in stores, done by Kulinarisk Akademi lead to many people getting served skrei in a new and exciting way. Their recipes were also made available as flyers during the demos.