Tiny budget, big results

Skroll ned


Fazer Yosa is a supplier of oat-based foods, a relatively new category in the groceryhotel, restaurant-, and café industry. With limited budget, Fazer wanted to gain awareness and be more visible over time. To reach the objectives we chose to collaborate with influencers as well as using sampling and press releases. 


The grocery industry is characterized by a strong competition for shelf space. As many as 70 % of all new launches flop. In addition, when you represent products in a fairly new food category, the risks of failing are even stronger. In Norway, we have no long tradition of using vegan foods instead of dairy products. That is why we had to do both information work and tempt consumers to try.  


The aim was to increase awareness of the Yosa brand, and the various products found in the Norwegian market. Increasing the tried-and-tested share, total sales and inspire to an increased use of oat-based products. 


To reach the objectives we chose to collaborate with influencers as well as sending samples and press releases to handful of carefully selected media journalist. The influencers have a solid readership and content that co-align with the position Fazer Yosa wants to have in the market. The influencers gave us the opportunity to be present in the right target group over time – in various platforms: Facebook, blog posts, Instagram and Snapchat.  A number of recipes were made with various Yosa products that lowered the threshold for trying oat-based foods 

The recipes were later used as value-boosters in press releases and added value for sampling to selected journalists.  


Despite a relatively modest budget we have reached the target group through the various platforms. The collaboration has been consistent over time, and it is therefore natural to conclude that the target group has been exposed to both messages and various products from Fazer Yosa. 


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