The Christmas movie everyone watches during Christmas

Skroll ned

Are you like Erna Solberg, and think that “Die hard” is a Christmas movie? Unfortunately, you are wrong, according to the Norwegian people. Through a survey we did for Sonos, we found out what Norwegians like and dislike when it comes to Christmas movies 


Sonos strives to be in “top-of-mind” of most people and in the media. To manage this, the company must talk about other related topics in addition to launches. After the launch of Beam (Gen 2) soundbar, Christmas, a time the speaker company wants to be visible was, approaching. With that in mind, there was no doubt the brainstorming revolved around the theme of “Christmas movies”.  

Since insight is a good starting point for making relevant stories, we chose to run a survey about which Christmas movies Norwegians like the best and which they like the least. In addition to how much the sound in Christmas movies means to getting in the mood.  


Sonos wanted to show the Norwegian people that they are not only there for music, but also for the time in front of the TV with their loved ones. The goal was therefore to create attention in media about Norwegians’ relationship to Christmas movies and how important the sound is while watching movies. 


Preparing for the survey, it was essential to find questions that gave us enough information to ensure media attention and interest. Therefore, it was important to do enough research on which movies are seen as Christmas movies, and then select the biggest classics for the survey.  

The survey revealed many interesting findings, including that 80% of Norwegians watch the same Christmas movie every year, that the movie “Tre nøtter til Askepott” is not only on top of the list for both genders, but it’s also among the bottom ones. It shows that Norwegians have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with this movie. In addition, 3 out of 5 think it is essential that the Christmas movie has both snow and music for it to be a classic, and that 2 out of 5 cares about the sound quality when watching movies.  

Afterwards, we used the findings from the survey and put together a press release that was sent out to media around the country. It included printed newspapers, online newspapers, radios, and TV channels. 

We sent out the press release with carefully selected photos that mainly gave Christmas spirit and with a Christmas movie on the TV, of course with a soundboard from Sonos discreetly included in the photo, in the hope that the photo would be used in the article.  


From mid-December the press release was sent to media around Norway. We received positive response, and it was published in several outlets, both print and online, it was also talked about on several major radio channels such as P7 Klem julekanalen, Radio Norge, NRK P1 news and more. “God Morgen Norge” on TV2 also included figures from the survey in their broadcast just before Christmas, and during the Christmas days, NRK1 included parts of the survey in their main news broadcast, both morning and evening.  

The survey was a success, and Sonos received good media coverage with an earned reach of 11,153,804. 

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