SONOS Norway’s Sexy Beats

Skroll ned


Through the right messaging, good press and influencer work, and not least strategic use of local insight, Sonos created great engagement and received wide media attention throughout the country, within a theme somewhat closely connected to their business area.


On New Year’s Eve the Norwegian PM urged the population to make more babies. Or in other words, have more sex. In light of this, we created a campaign for Sonos to take advantage of this topicality. To link the theme of sex to Sonos in a natural way and using Valentine’s Day as a catapult for the distribution.


Sonos wanted to place their brand in a larger context and, and at the same time, get large publicity which created a positive sentiment from the general public.


Opportunity struck when the Norwegian PM urged the population to make more babies. Or in other words, have more sex.

In order to create a story with high news value we conducted a survey aiming to uncover Norwegians’ attitudes and habits related to sex and music, and by that, connect the dots between the PM’s speech and Sonos. This is turn would help Sonos’ story gain broader traction in the Norwegian media landscape, compared to their usual product PR most often picked up by tech media.

In order to secure Sonos a main role in this story we strategically used their Nordic CMO as spokesperson, alongside a local sexologist for credibility. Finally, the findings also revealed what songs Norwegian’s were most likely to listen to “to get in the mood”. This was used to create a Spotify playlist named “Norway’s Sexy Beats”.

A general press release with national survey findings was distributed to the national media and radio stations. Several local releases where sent out to local media where the findings from the survey were broken down in regard to the specific media’s catchment area. All releases also included a link to the “Norway’s Sexy Beats” playlist.

In addition, we collaborated with four influencers whom created their own Sexy Beats playlist that was published on Sonos’ official Spotify account. In turn, the influencers shared their playlist through Instagram Story.


The convertion-rate (view to followers) on the IG stories landed on 21 percent. Total engagement rate on the influencer posts: 2,8 percent, which is way over average engagement in this channel. Sonos got broad media coverage from national TV-medias like TV2 and radio like NRJ, P3 Morgen and Radio Norway. Total earned media coverage accumulated to a reach of over 3.7 million, which is almost 70 percent of the population in Norway.

  • European Excellence Awards 2019

    Finalist in the category «Technology & Consumer Electronics»
  • European Excellence Awards 2019

    Finalist in the category «Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland»
  • In2Sabre Certificate of Excellence 2020

    Best in Audio: Podcasts + Music
  • Sabre Awards 2020

    Finalist in the category "Influencer Marketing"

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