SONOS: “Invisible interior”

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The speaker company Sonos receives a lot of attention from tech people; however, sound experiences are not merely about technical specifications. The unique event “Invisible interior” helped putting Sonos into a new context.


Sonos’ sound experiences are great for the home; however, music and other sounds in a room often receive less attention than the visual elements. We wanted to challenge the notion that interior exclusively is about what you can see with your eyes.


Our goal was to show key players in the lifestyle industry how sound experiences in general and Sonos in particular constitute an important element in the atmosphere you want to create in your home.


We organized a new, unique event called “Invisible Interior”, which was about how we use the “forgotten” senses to experience a room. Major lifestyle journalists and influencers were invited to the renowned apartment OsloDeco in Oslo, Norway.

Sonos’ Sound Experience Engineer Greg McAllister was there to explain how sound changes and amplifies the experience of a home. Food writer, cookbook author, and TV chef Andreas Viestad was there to show how we can capitalize on smell and taste in the home to create the atmosphere we want.

This event was not about reach, spreading everything in all channels, or ad value. This was about the experience you create through focusing on the senses you often forget about. No photos were taken during the event – if you weren’t there, the invitation is all that is left.

In this way, we created an intimate, valuable, and captivating happening for the participants.


The event turned out to be inspiring and thought-provoking for the influential participants, and their feedback was highly positive. Sonos was able to underline how important sound experiences are in our everyday lives, and how their sound systems can amplify, supplement, or change the way you experience your home.

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