Lets talk about menstruation

Skroll ned

For the international menstruation day on May 28th CARE Norway wanted to bring light to the shame many Norwegian women feel around their menstrual cycle. A new survey reveals that over half of the female populations feel shame because of menstruation. It’s time we talk about the most natural thing in the world!


The survey was conducted by Respons Analyse and Mindshare on CARE Norway’s behalf, to assess the Norwegian population’s attitude towards menstruation.

The survey led to many discomforting findings. For example, 57 percent of Norwegian women told they were embarrassed to talk about experiencing their first menstruation. This indicates that over half of Norway’s women feel shame from the very first time they menstruate. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 43 percent of women feel dirty during their menstrual cycle, 67 percent are worried about stains on clothing and 45 percent are worried about odor.

The feeling of shame is also mirrored in social settings and at work. Almost half feel like they must “get it together” when they menstruate, even if they are discomforted or are in pain. This doesn’t go away with age either, actually the group that hides their hygiene articles when going to the bathroom the most are women aged 35-44.


Based on the findings, CARE saw a huge need to bring the issue to light and challenge the taboo in connection with the important day.


In cooperation with CARE’s communications department, PR-operatørene developed a PR-strategy to set the agenda, and we were also in charge of the implementation (press materiel and media contact).


The core messages was well received and resulted in wide coverage across national, local, niche and lifestyle media, in addition to being covered on radio stations such as P4, NRK P1, P2 and P3. Many national media also posted the story to their social platforms with a combined following of over half a million.

It is important that a critical issue like this is put on the agenda. This contributes to set off discussions and remove the taboo that so many women experiences. It is also a nice way to remind the country that we should lead by example and put female health on the agenda, so that systems are put in place for those in need.

The fact that so many girls and women are ashamed is an indicator to how girls and women in the global south are affected, where menstruation can hinder both school and work.

We encourage everyone to donate to CARE’s important work by vippsing 2468. The funds go towards knowledge, teaching, change of attitude and the delivery of hygiene articles to women in poor countries. CARE works for women’s right to their own body, and together we can move towards a world where something as natural as menstruation isn’t a barrier to live a normal and good life.


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