Launch Event for Cybex Zeno

Skroll ned

In the spring of 2021 Cybex launched a new and unique collection of strollers, the Cybex Sport line. To promote this, we invited media and relevant influencers to a launch event where they could familiarize themselves with the new Line whilst also getting some exercising tips with a stroller.


The German brand Cybex offers car seats, cribs, children’s furniture and has now launched a brand-new collection, Cybex Sport. Cybex Sports currently consists of two new strollers developed by Martin Pos, former athlete, and founder of Cybex. The new collection appeals to everyone from trend setting parents and professional athletes, to health and exercise enthusiasts.

One of the strollers in the new collection is named Zeno and is the first of its kind in Norway. It can be pulled behind you, for hands-free use. This allows you to bike, run or ski while bringing your loved one along.


The goal was to gather attention and familiarity with Cybex’ new sport strollers, with the Zeno as the focus. In addition, we wanted to strengthen the relation with media and influencers that Cybex has already worked with, as well as building new relations.


Together with Cybex we arranged an influencer event at Ekebergrestauranten in Oslo. We invited influencers that already worked with Cybex, as well as influencer who didn’t have a relation to the brand beforehand. We also invited lifestyle media that were relevant to the brand and product.

The venue was furnished with flowers and balloons matching the new strollers, we also set up a press area to entice the guests to take photos and share the experience to their audiences.

Spokespeople from Cybex welcomed the guests and held an introductory presentation about their new sports line and other products. In addition, the influencer Pia Seeberg held her own presentation about post-birth exercise. She also talked about how positive she was towards the Zeno stroller and gave examples on how to exercise with the stroller, as well as demonstrating how you hook it up to your waist for jogging.

The guests were served a delicious lunch and were allowed to move freely through the venue to check out more of Cybex’ products on display. In addition, there were several representatives from Cybex to answer any question they might have.

Before leaving the guests were also given a goodiebag filled to the brim with Cybex gifts.


The event was a great success, and both the client and guests were well satisfied. The influencers that came posted content to their social media with a combined reach of 186 000.

Several influencers also expressed great interest in collaborating with Cybex going forward, and one of the journalists was very excited about the products, and said they wanted to receive all information about future product launches going forward.

– PR-operatørene ensured the planning and execution of the event went smooth throughout, and we are very happy with the results. With this launch event the guests were familiarized with both the brand and collection, Mahsa Bahadori, Marketing Specialist, Cybex Norway.

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