Helly Hansen Workwear Challenge 2015

Helly Hansen: Workwear Challenge

Skroll ned

Helly Hansen wanted to establish their workwear among craftsmen, and found out such choices are often made in young age. PR-operatørene targeted vocational students challenging them to create a Rube Goldberg Machine/ Chain reaction machine. Videos and text were developed and distributed through Helly Hansen’s own channels.

The initial situation leading to the creation of the campaign/project

Helly Hansen wanted to establish themselves among Norwegian craftsmen. PR-operatørene then conducted a qualitative research to find out how craftsmen choose their equipment and workwear. The results showed that such choices are affected from young age, which led us to a campaign targeting students doing vocational education.


We contacted all local vocational schools on the east of Norway and invited students to test their skills in action in a creative competition, with an obvious link to Helly Hansen Workwear. In total, schools with 3307 students together were involved. We then engaged local media as well as industry media to create awareness around the project. Furthermore, we developed content that Helly Hansen could distribute through own channels.


This whole project led to the major event, where we challenged four vocational classes to create a chain reaction machine, often referred to as a Rube Goldberg Machine. Every class got one day to create, develop and demonstrate their product, all documented both in text and through videos Helly Hansen shared through own channels.

In addition to the range Helly Hansen reached through own channels, the videos gained attention in several local and industry media. We reached roughly 90.000 through external media, and almost 100.000 through Helly Hansens own social media channels.