Ham match in the ham capital of Norway

Skroll ned

The people of Stranda are passionate about ham, and PR-operatørene have helped promoting their town as the ham capital of Norway. The last in a series of fun ham initiatives was a soccer match in ham jerseys.


Stranda is a town with a tremendous enthusiasm for quality food in general and ham in particular. It all started with local ham production in Stranda’s local factory, and today they have everything from a ham town hall to an annual ham festival.


PR-operatørene were to help Stranda strengthen their position as the ham capital of Norway, which in turn strengthens the ham brand “Strandaskinke” as one of Norway’s best, most popular, and legendary hams.


In 2018, we carried out a YouGov survey to figure out whether the people of Stranda in fact deserve to call their town the ham capital. The answer was an overwhelming “yes”. 8 in 10 people in Stranda are proud of the Stranda ham, and 97 percent thinks Stranda deserves to be called the ham capital of Norway.

We have produced a video about the local chef, who’s able to include ham in any and all courses. He also thinks ham can replace both bacon and salt. Moreover, we interviewed a local teacher who claims to have included ham in their curriculum.

We have told all these stories through earned and owned channels.

The next step for the ham capital involved the local soccer team, Stranda IL. Together with one of the central people in the local soccer community, we were able to design and produce ham jerseys to celebrate the local ham.

The ham jerseys turned out to give the team a little extra motivation in the next game. Stranda Il won the important game against their rival Herd 2. The game also broke the audience record of the season.


Stranda IL’s game in ham jerseys took off in Norwegian traditional and social media, and the story of the ham game had a reach of about 1.3 million people through TV, print and web articles, radio, and international Twitter buzz.


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