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The majority of us prefers a healthy lifestyle in order to strengthen our bodies and minds. However, in a chaos of information is it hard to know how and why you should make the right food choices in a hectic everyday life.


Norges sjømatråd (Norwegian seafood council) has over many years developed the website “Godfisk” as a home to recipes, tips and inspiration about Norwegian seafood. However, seafood and fish have never been very visible as the obvious solution for a healthy lifestyle. The health aspect has been an important priority for the Norwegian seafood council, and they wanted to launch a new concept focusing on healthy food – without finger pointing. They wanted the content to be interesting, innovative and relevant. At the same time, they wanted to build their nutritionist, Iselin Bogstrand, as a spokesperson and a relevant source for the media, which could also lead to earned media attention and content for both Godfisk and Iselin’s new blog.

Marit Bjørgen, abassadør for kategorien "kropp" og Iselin Bogstrand, matfaglig rådgiver i prosjektet "Fra diett til livrett".
Marit Bjørgen er ambassadør for kategorien «kropp». Selv har hun hatt stor gevinst av å spise mer fisk. Foto: Vegard Giskehaug

Norwegian seafood council wanted to spread knowledge about the health benefits of eating fish and seafood and why it’s beneficial for both body and mind. At the same time, Godfisk wanted to be the preferred website when searching for healthy food. The seafood council’s nutritionist, Iselin Bogstrand, was meant to feature as an expert of seafood and for the project, so media would see her as a source of information and inspiration for health and food related stories. The health aspect had to be presented in a trendy and innovative way, preferably with a dose of humour or other creative effects. We wanted to avoid finger pointing, and rather focus on good, enlightening information in a new and fun way.


Many want to take ownership of the topic of health. There’s also a steady flow of news where you can read about new trends and new advices concerning health and healthy living. Due to this, it was-important with thorough research to find the upcoming food trends and figure out what the target audience really cared about. Based on a survey and insight on consumer trends, we found that Norwegians are tired of all the bustle around diets. We saw that a more comprehensive approach to healthy food choices was a more receptive message for the target audience. Based on this insight, we created the concept “From diets to favourites – a healthy food philosophy to stick to”.
The concept is all about changing the focus from short time diets to healthy and tasty favourites. Godfisk wants to show that in order to live healthy, your food must also be your favourite type of food: Clean food that you want and look forward to eating.
The concept was split into four categories: Body, brain, happiness and self-esteem. Each category got its own ambassador, in order to create interaction between the ambassador and Iselin.

Prosjektets fire kategorier

The campaign started in the beginning of 2017, with a media story declaring that the diet is dead. Iselin Bogstrand featured as a spokesperson in the story in national media, and was quickly perceived as an expert. As a result, she has also been used as spokesperson in other stories related to this topic.

Seafood council has stated that this will be the most important project in terms of building awareness this year, as the concept can be used in both own channels and earned channels on a long-term basis.
The user test from Godfisk shows:
– Around a third of the people who have seen/been aware of the Favourites- campaign said that their view on fish/seafood as healthy food has improved after the campaign.
– Many people are aware of the icons.
– Among the people who know about the Favourites campaign, 38 percent claim that the campaign has given them a better perception of fish/seafood as healthy food.
– There is a high general agreement that the articles contain useful information, have a good length and are easy to understand.
– More people have noticed Iselin Bogstrand as an ambassador than the actual campaign. This proves that Iselin’s role as an ambassador and spokesperson has worked well.
On the category “brain”, we have done a digital post-test, which shows that the videos are performing very well. The average of the two videos shows that 50 percent are positive, which is a high rank for commercials videos. The videos score higher than the benchmark on positive parameters such as unique, engaging, agreeable, nice and relaxing. The key messages in the videos have a positive perception, especially the film about iodine and seafood. More than 50 percent of the surveyed said that:
– The advertisement had new information about seafood (56 percent)
– The advertisement makes me want to have seafood (54 percent)
– The advertisement was trustworthy (76 percent)
Iselin Bogstrand has been used as a spokesperson in 24 media stories so far, this year, from national radio to leading national media outlets. She appears as an inspirational expert who focus on the healthy benefits of seafood and how to make healthy choices in an easier way.


  • European Excellence Awards 2017

    Finalist in the category "Food and Beverage"

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