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How to succeed with creating content that has a value both for the receiver and the sender? With the content magazine “Godt Forberedt” (Well prepared), Gjensidige has confirmed its position as an insurance company that manages to engage their audience.


In 2017, Gjensidige wanted to increase their visibility in the market and attain a more prominent position amongst customers within bank and insurance services. Content marketing became a part of the solution to achieve this goal. The content magazine was intended to be a part of a “seed and harvest” strategy where different channels and instruments were given specific roles through the customer journey. Interesting and relevant content was given a key role in the “seed” strategy.


In addition to increased traffic to the website and to obtain business related achievements, it was even more important for Gjensidige to produce content that could also positively affect the brand and reputation of the company. Further, the content should be an important tool to demonstrate the insurance company’s role in people’s life, and in that way get more focus on the different business areas.


In order to develop cases that have value both for the receiver and the company, it was crucial to create content that was experienced as useful, relevant and interesting for the target group related to subjects that have a natural and trustworthy connection to Gjensidige. As Gjensidige offers a range of different insurances, it opened for a wide range of content and angles.

Relevant content must also be seen in relation to its target group. Therefore, it was important to do thorough research, as well as supervising trends and the news to develop the stories of value for the right target group. It was also important having a close dialogue with Gjensidige who best knows its customers and their interests. In addition to relevant content, trustworthiness is important indeed to maintain and strengthen Gjensidiges existing strong reputation. Principles of the journalist, carefully selected sources and spokespersons were crucial elements to give the cases their breakthrough.

We have had a close dialogue with the media agency Vizeum who has been in charge for distributing the cases in own and paid channels. It was emphasized testing different strategies of distribution to find which format that gave the most outcome. Through testing and evaluation, it was possible to continuously adjust and optimize the content.


The traffic to Godt Forberedt has increased steadily since the beginning, achieving close to 1,7 million pages views in 2018, Gjensidige hit their goals by a good margin. The stories have been very well received, user surveys show that 94,6% of the readers in 2018 ranked the story being good or very good. This shows us that we have succeed in creating relevant stories, and that these were targeted to the right person, at the right time, in the right channel. A yearly omnibus from Ipsos states that customers who has visited God Forberedt gives a higher score to Gjensidige than those who have not been exposed to content from Godt Forberedt, showing that the content production has contributed to strengthen Gjensidiges reputation.

See the content magazine “Godt Forberedt” here.


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