Fretex: real time PR at the Oscars

Through smart real time PR and perfect timing, Fretex reached all the way to the Oscars with their message about re-use.

Skroll ned

Sometimes, it isn’t the huge and most comprehensive campaigns that give the most effect. By using real time communication in an effective and smart way, Fretex managed to reach all the way to Hollywood and the Oscars with the message of reuse and sustainable clothing.

Fretex is a Norway’s largest rehabilitation and recycling company, and a part of the Norwegian Salvation Army. They have shops for second hand clothes all over Norway and receive many positive mentions in the press – but are not perceived as a more contemporary alternative to the high street stores.

Fretex wanted to reach the young

Fretex want to reach out to a younger target audience and show that they have something to offer them as well. They want to show that by being creative and taking real-time PR opportunities, they can be relevant for fashion media, in addition to seeing whether it was possible to reach even the Oscars.

By using real-time communications, we managed to break through in more fashion-oriented media – and started a snowball effect. When Norwegian Morten Tyldum, the director of The Imitation Game, was nominated for several Oscars, everyone in fashion Norway wanted to know what his very public and well exposed wife, Janne, was going to wear. When she said in an interview that she was hoping for a designer to sponsor her with a dress for the Oscars, we immediately saw an opportunity for exposure for Fretex.

Great photos and encouraging reuse

In co-operation with Fretex’ stylist, who also works with re-design, we found three dress alternatives from Fretex. The stylist also reworked some of them, and we arranged for a photo shoot with Scandinavian winner of Top Model, Therese Haugsnes, who is also coincidentally a fashion blogger. The story was pitched to Side2, Norway’s leading lifestyle magazine online. They published the story with the headline “Here are your Oscar dresses Janne Tyldum”, just a couple of weeks ahead of the Oscar Gala.

The story was one of the most popular on Side2, but it was also shared by them on Facebook. Side2’s editor, Ingeborg Heldal, is a friend of Janne Tyldum, shared the post and tagged her in it. Janne immediately replied – showing great enthusiasm for the initiative and replied that she had just chosen a dress – and it was vintage as well. Model Therese Haugsnes also shared a post about the project on her blog. Soon, also Norway’s second largest tabloid, Dagbladet followed up the article, and referred to it while showing Janne Tyldum’s alternatives for the Oscars – and the vintage dress she eventually used at the grand gala.

With just one simple idea and media pitch, we reached over 1 700 000* people in a few, short days, as well as key influencers in the fashion world (*the combined readership). Fretex was the main sender of the message throughout, linking them closer to fashion and a sustainable focus on clothing – from everyday use to the Oscars.

  • European Excellence Awards 2015

    Finalist in "Fashion & Beauty"