Fretex Gründer Challenge

Skroll ned

Fretex wanted to get a younger audience to consider Fretex when shopping for clothes, and actually go to their store.


The second-hand shop chain owned by Norwegian Salvation Army wished to attract a younger target group and change their perceptions on used clothes. In general, Fretex experienced a time where re-usage was up-and-coming however, second-hand clothes were not as trendy.


Fretex wanted to change this, and it was important for them to reach a young target group, who often have a lot of influence on trends. Furthermore, Fretex agreed that their own presentation of clothes was not the most appealing. This led to the idea of inviting the target group themselves to develop their own concepts to present second-hand clothes in a more attractive way.

Fretex Gründer Challenge was developed, inviting creative students from different universities around the country to develop their own pop-up-store. Their task was to create the future Fretex store, to attract young people.


The challenge ended with five teams from five different universities that was picked to develop their own concept. Through Facebook and the universities’ own channels students could apply to join the competition. The chosen teams were given four weeks to develop the concept, do marketing and run the business for three days.

The five teams ended up with five impressive concepts, giving Fretex new and good looks in young climates. Furthermore, ideas such as putting a self-use sewing machine and a concert scene inside a store were executed giving Fretex valuable inputs and inspiration. It was also possible to follow the teams through dedicated Facebook pages and Instagram profiles during the whole period.


Could you have imagined a clothing store with its own concert scene, or a tailor section where you can re-fit your shirts right away? Or the feeling of shopping being more like walking through a fruit-gardet on a hunt for the best apple? How about playing Mario Cart on a Nintendo 64 while picking up a fresh sweater and a Snoop Dogg shirt?

The students gave Fretex a fresh and modern look through their concepts 6 Degrees, Born & Raised, Fretex Fruitlooting, Refashion and Fretex Pop-up Shop. We followed the teams through their own social media accounts through the whole process.

  • European Excellence Awards 2016

    Winner in the category "Fashion & beauty"
  • Sabre Awards 2017

    Finalist in the category "Retailers"