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“Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity” is an important program developed by Nordic Innovation that promotes sustainable mobility and co-operation across the Nordic countries, but what exactly lies in the concept of mobility? 


Nordic Innovation is particularly aimed at entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and partners as they work to finance and realize various solutions to issues within sustainability. With this campaign, they wanted to increase awareness of Nordic Innovation and especially the Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity (NSMC) program. 

Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity aims to promote sustainable, seamless, and integrated transport systems in the Nordic region. The focus is on reducing the carbon footprint, increasing the quality of life for the Nordic citizens, and creating opportunities for Nordic companies. 


Communication around sustainability is difficult. It is often complicated and involves several difficult definitions and expressions. Therefore, the key was to convey sustainable mobility and the relevant program, regardless of target group, in a simple and relevant way. At the same time, mobility and transport is a comprehensive and complex topic that was difficult to understand in its entirety on their website at the time. The goal was therefore to gather all the necessary information in one place, in a clear way. 


Landing and content page 

The solution was a landing page, a mobility universe, with useful information about the mobility of the past, present and future. In collaboration with the Bureau, we developed various infographics, videos, and illustrations to make the content more appealing and interesting for any target group.  

The content explains how population growth, globalization, climate change and pandemics increase the need for new innovations in mobility – and why the Nordic countries should work together to become the leading region in sustainable mobility. One may wonder why it is a Nordic universe and not a European or a global universe. The reason is simple. Nordic bonds span years back, and we are connected through similar cultures, values, history and, for some countries, similar languages. 

See how we solved the landing page and learn more about the Nordic mobility ecosystem and 13 projects that change the way people and goods move here. 

In addition to the landing page, we developed a podcast called Nordic Innovation Forecast that addresses various topics such as sustainable aviation, automation, and the maritime sector, as well as trends and challenges in transport and logistics. The episodes aim to give you an update on where we stand, where we are headed and what the Nordics can potentially achieve together. You can hear the episodes here. 


Paid advertising reach ended at 58,755 and the average click-trough rate (CTR) ended at 1.17%. This is well above the average for the industry, which according to WordStream is 0.89%. 

The project created a lot of commitment and was well received internally, and by their partners.