Exclusive pre-Christmas dinner at Julies Matblogg

Skroll ned

On behalf of Sonos and the influencer Julies Matblogg, we invited to an exclusive pre-Christmas dinner at Julie’s house on December 1st, 2021. In addition to getting in Christmas spirit, guests were served Julie’s homemade food and got to learn more about Sonos and especially their new soundbar Beam (Gen 2) 


In 2018, Sonos’ first compact soundbar “Beam” was launched, around autumn 2021 the soundbar was upgraded, and Sonos launched “Beam (Gen 2)” with Dolby Atmos. The launch was a success with several good reviews in the media. 

In the aftermath of the launch, Sonos wanted to make “Beam (Gen 2)” known to Norwegian influencers, which is why Sonos partnered up with Julies Matblogg and hosted a Christmas event to showcase the new soundbar. 


Connect and strengthen the relationship with Norwegian influencers and Sonos to bring attention to and knowledge of the new Beam (Gen 2) and Sonos as a brand. A bonus for the event would be to get exposure in social media.  


We quickly figured out that the collaboration was going to be with Julies Matblogg. She was a good fit and is well acquainted with Sonos already. The project started with a longer idea phase together with Julie, where we agreed that the event would take place at Julie’s house, where she would be cooking. With this solution the event would be more intimate and homely, as well as being relevant to Julie herself since she has recently launched a cookbook.  

Together with Julie, we agreed on the guest list where we invited seven guests, mainly Norwegian influencers we knew would work well together.  

At Julie’s house the dinner-table was covered with Christmas decorations in addition to several Sonos Roam placed around in between of the decorations. This way the music could be played during dinner on a lower volume, it was also to make the Roam speakers be a part of the social media feed/story of the guests. Instead of a traditional goodie bag, Sonos Roam — with large red ribbons tied around — was placed on each guest’s plate, which they received as a gift as thank you for participating.  

Music was playing as guests arrived and they were welcomed with an aperitif. When all the guests were in place and before they took a seat at the table, Julie started by presenting the new Beam (Gen 2) soundbar. When the dinner was over, it was time for a quiz about Beam (Gen 2) and the food they had been served. When a winner was picked, he or she received a unit of the new Sonos Beam (Gen 2). 

At the end of the event, everyone sat down to watch parts of a Christmas movie with Dolby Atmos where the music was in focus, to get the full experience of the new soundbar. This showed them how important good sound is when watching a movie. 


The result was a very pleasant evening, and several of the guests stayed throughout the evening even after the event was (officially) over. We ended up with great results on social media, where all the guests and Julie shared the experience and tagged Sonos and Julies Matblogg. Overall, we had a reach of 112,747 on social media.  

After the event, we followed up all the guests with pictures from the evening and Julie’s own Christmas playlist. One of the guests also thought this was the best event of the year.   

At this event, we promoted Sonos Roam, Sonos Beam (Gen 2) as well as Sonos as a brand. We also strengthened the relationship between Sonos and the influencers which all were left with a positive impression, which we will continue to cultivate going forward.   

  • Digital Communication Awards 2022

    Winner in the category "Influencer Communications"
  • European Excellence Awards 2022

    Finalist in the category "Small Budget Campaign"

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