Av-og-til: There are lots of stuff that’s funnier than a drunk co-worker

Skroll ned

In connection with the Christmas Office Party season, the organisation Av-og-til wanted to remind employers and their HR departments that there are options to alcohol when the employees want to have fun.


After a year with increased focus on unwanted behaviour in the workplace and various positions, Av-og-til wanted to help key decision makers to find options for alcohol during the Christmas Party season. Therefore, they developed an online gift and activity chooser, where one easily could get ideas for presents and activities that results in more fun and not to say, the least companionship as the alcohol-based options.


The objectives was to remind employers and other decision makers that social gatherings, companionship and presents often should be something else than centered around drinking alcohol, and to drive traffic to the website merfest.no.


Together with Av-og-til we focused on making ideas for how one could play out unwanted situations at the workplace. We also made a key message hierarchy, conceptual messaging and channel mix. In cooperation with the producers at Ferdi Film we made a series of shorts showing alcohol related situations at the workplace that everyone can relate to, and that almost only happens when people have been drinking too much. The videos were spread with the goal of reaching key decision makers in companies while they are in “party fixer mode”, so that they get reminded of what happens when people are gathered to drink. The shorts linked to “the solution” of the problem, on the website merfest.no (merfest = morepartying). The site got the name “merfest.no” to underline the value of adding more substance to the party, other than merely alcohol.


The campaign was spread towards coorpartions and received over 130,000 views on Facebook, as well as paid and organic impressions on Instagram and Youtube. The website with an activity and gift selector, merfest.no, had 26,000 guests during the period, and a time per visit of 43 seconds. That means that those who visited the site, also used the tools. The key messaging that Av-og-til developed in collaboration with PR-operatørene were cited and highlighted in local and national newspapers in Av-og-til’s own chronicles.