Amazing Sound Experiences With Sonos Move

Skroll ned


When Sonos was going to introduce its first outdoor speaker, Move, Norway was the perfect place to do it. Specifically, Juvet Landscape Hotel was chosen. A three-day retreat gave selected guests insights into the universe of Sonos as well as a brilliant sound experiences surrounded by spectacular Norwegian winter landscape.


This fall, Sonos launched its first speaker outside the home – an important step for the company. In order to introduce Move, they wanted to organize an exclusive and intimate event for Norwegian and British influencers. All the guests had a connection to music or interior. Juvet Landscape Hotel in Western Norway was booked for two days, and the agenda was planned carefully, down to the last detail. All music and other sound on the trip came from the Sonos system.


The goal was to give the guests a real Sonos experience and present Move in surroundings with a self-evident connection to the product. In addition, Sonos wished to start a relationship with selected influencers as well as to reach out to a larger audience through their channels.


The guests were greeted by the airport in Ålesund, Norway, with a traditional Norwegian lunch and local apple juice to have for the car ride to the hotel along beautiful fjords and majestic mountains. Ninni Lindertz, marketing director for Sonos in Northern Europe, welcomed the guests before dinner. Since the hotel is located far north, it was already dark when the guests arrived, which gave them a pleasant surprise. The next morning, they woke up to astonishing views in their landscape rooms. Jensen & Skodvin are behind the rooms’ architecture, which seemingly grow naturally in the wilderness. Each hotel room was equipped with a Move speaker and a small care package for the stay.

The event consisted of four sound sessions, each giving the guests insights into the world of Sonos and their passion for quality sound and design.

The first sound session kicked off with a short introduction of the findings from a Sonos study called Brilliant Sound. The study shines light on the effect sound and music have on various aspects of our lives. Next, the guests were led through a yoga and a sound bath lesson, in which the unique musical instrument “hang” was key. The session was led by Birgitte Bakke, one of few Norwegians with expertise within this field.

After lunch, the guests were divided into groups to build their own speakers. Combining easy-to-use technical equipment, a Sonos Amp, various decorations, and a lot of creativity, each group built their own speaker with a corresponding concept. In a fun and informal way, the activity helped making the guests aware of how important design is for Sonos.

Next, it was time to show off Move in an outside environment. Knut Slinning, the founder of the hotel, guided the guests through a hike to the breathtaking gorge called Gudbrandsjuvet, the magical stream named Olavskilden, and a viewpoint at which a sequence from the movie Ex Machina was shot. The movie’s soundtrack was played from a Move speaker throughout the entire hike. Afterwards, Sonos’ Sound Experience Manager and engineer Greg McAllister gave an interactive presentation about frequencies, the building blocks of music, and the difference between sound of high and low quality.

The last sound session was scheduled for after dinner. The guests were given the opportunity to watch Ex Machina with movie theater sound quality through the Sonos system.


The guests were very excited and happy about the event in general, and they were highly enthusiastic about the various sound sessions. The intimate setting, the combination of magnificent landscape and minimalistic architecture, and the brilliant sound turned out to be the perfect way of introducing the Move speaker. The influencers published pictures and videos throughout and after the trip. Their profiles had a total following of 381,093, and with a total reach of 342,274 the reach rate was 89 percent. Engagement among the followers was high and resulted in 13,388 actions.


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