How to reach opinion leaders in a time where the media is in constant change? Give them a fresh start of the day that is tailormade to their everyday needs and reach out to media outlets and bloggers on their own terms.  

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Even though this had the form of a traditional product launch, we had to be creative and think in an untraditional way, to secure attention around Alpro and plant-based nutrition – a category in growth amongst Norwegians, but often associated with allergies.


Plant-based options are more and more frequent chosen by Norwegians. Still, we see that the category has large potential since the products are often associated with allergies. Therefore, we realized that we had to think differently if we were to get the attention around the products that we wanted.


The campaign’s objectives therefore was to raise people’s knowledge of plant-based options, and of Alpro and their products. Both in areas of use and when it comes to taste and the fact that it is a “safe” option. At the same time, we wanted to raise awareness of why plant-based options are a great alternative – both for your health and for our planet.


Even though this was a traditional product launch, we realized that we had to use untraditional means to achieve attention. Several publishing houses are forced to downsize due to fewer readers and digitization of the media. This makes it harder to gain the attention of journalists. Because of this we invited ourselves to the different publishing houses. This way they would get new knowledge about plant-based products, and at the same time have an inspiring way of tasting Alpro’s products in three different breakfast meals. With a mix of shared knowledge and inspiration, we hoped to put plant-based options on the agenda, and at the same time give the journalists a new perception of the products.

In addition to the press breakfasts we also did a blogger event with plant-based options on the menu. Smoothies, overnight oats and fresh pancakes was accompanied by a session of yoga early in the morning. A perfect start of the day with Alpo’s products, that played the lead role in the entire event.


About 80 percent of the magazines within the women, health and food segment attended the in total three breakfast events. In addition to mentions in the media, the blogger event resulted in a lot of engagements in social media, such as blog posts, Snapchat mentions, Instagram posts and Facebook posts.

With a reach in the target audience of 1,5 million, we successfully presented the category in a new wrapping and as a result, changed the way this category is perceived.

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