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By producing content, great press work and a solid strategy for social media platforms, “Allergiguiden” (The Allergy Guide) has become an important contributor in educating the population in Norway about allergies. Since launching, the number of visitors on the website and Facebook page has quadrupled, which has led to Allergiguiden being a preferred source of information by traditional media.  


Pharmaceutical company Mylan in 2014 wished to increase the awareness of the widespread disease which is allergy. Consumers are increasingly using digital platforms to seek medical advice, and so embracing the platform became a natural next step for Mylan. A comprehensive system of channels made sure to reach the targeted audience, with the correct message and tone of voice. This was key for getting high engagement, large traffic and widespread media coverage.

  • Build awareness around the subject ‘allergy’, create a community for engagement and information sharing
  • Build Allergiguiden as a preferred source for media information
  • Encourage the public to see their doctor

We wanted to build Allergiguiden as a preferred source of allergy information for consumers and the media. The website and Facebook page were created for this very purpose – being both dynamic and intuitive. Our focus was to create content for the site and drive traffic from the Facebook page. This includes recruiting ‘allergy ambassadors’ with real stories from their everyday life, running surveys to provide firsthand information about allergy, and creating infographics for Facebook and the media. The tactical use of ambassadors has been especially successful in creating engagement, not only on Allergiguiden’s own sites, but also on the ambassadors’ SoMe channels.


The visits to the site have increased by almost 50% from 2016 to 2017, in 2018 we are on schedule to elevate these figures even further.

The ambition to become a preferred source for the media, is well on its way. In total, the media published 155 articles that included “Allergiguiden” in 2017, with a reach of more than 12 million (keeping in mind Norway has a population of 5.3 million). In total since launching, Allergiguiden has had about 400 media clippings and a reach of over 25 million.

In 2017 we almost doubled the number of followers on Facebook, reaching over 1 million people in the target group, of which 46% was reached organically. Furthermore, from Allergiguiden’s 11 content marketing articles distributed through Facebook last year, we reached over 140.000 people and achieved a CTR average of 3,07% (the global CTR benchmark for healthcare pages on Facebook being 0,83%, according to WordStream). In 2018 we have continued this positive trend. From January to mid-July we have reached 5over 1 million people in the target group and are well underway to doubling the number of followers once again.

  • Digital Communication Awards 2018

    Finalist i kategorien "Nord-Europas beste kampanje"
  • Digital Awards 2016

    Finalist i kategorien "Microsite"
  • European Excellence Awards 2018

    Finalist i kategorien "Content marketing"
  • Sabre Awards 2019

    Finalist in the category "Consumer Marketing"
  • Certificate of Excellence 2019

    Best in digital brand platforms

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