Hanne Kjærnes

Account Executive and Partner

Hanne is an Account Executive and Partner at PR-operatørene and works with clients in technology, travel, retail and lifestyle.

Hanne will able to extend the possible even further. She always challenges her own (and others) limits to make the impossible possible for our clients.  Her life motto could just as well be “We will succeed!”. Hanne’s broad experience with different types of media has given her valuable knowledge of what works where, and she often plays with different channels and formats to achieve innovative solutions that succeed.

Over the years Hanne has been in PR-operatørene she has worked extensively with travel, food, retail, lifestyle, technology and social media. She has also been a guest lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School, Markedshøyskolen i Oslo and Høyskolen I Østfold and has been used as an expert source by NTB, NRK and TV2.

Send Hanne Kjærnes an email   or   call 997 41 263