When you want something to happen

A well-told story is powerful. It affects people, the brand and sales. Successful stories are those that manage to make an impact in the lives of the target audience and distinguish the storytelling, positively, from the competition.

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What we do

PR-operatørene creates and facilitates stories that others will want to distribute, including journalists, bloggers or other key opinion makers. We ensure that good stories find their way into the proper channels, whether it is through editorials in traditional media, or today’s multitude of social media channels and blogs, or through more specifically designed channels. In this way, the stories and brands achieve an entirely different credibility and impact than provided through, solely, paid advertising.

We want our clients to experience us as an above average smart, effective and result-oriented agency that creates good ideas, a thorough implementation and delivers the desired results.

Who we are

PR-operatørene’s background is in marketing, communications and journalism. We offer our clients teams consisting of account directors, communication- and media advisors, copywriters, digital- and social media specialists, and project managers. PR-operatørene was the first agency specializing in marketing-PR and simultaneously introduced this field of communications in Norway.

Before PR-operatørene there was no marketing-PR in Norway.



PR-operatørene has won several awards and is among the country’s most awarded PR -agencies.

It is always nice to win prizes and PR-operatørene have a number of awards and certificates that recognize and acknowledge the work we deliver to our clients on a daily basis.

2016 Digital Communication Awards, Innovation of the Year
Winner, Gjensidige, Hold fokus

2016 Digital Communication Awards, CRS Communication
Winner, Gjensidige, Hold fokus

2015 Sabre Awards, Certificate of Excellence
Flytoget, Europride

2015 Sabre Awards, Certificate of Excellence
Expedia, The Frontier Woman

2015 Sabre Awards, Certificate of Excellence
Helly Hansen, The Dare

2014 Gullkorn, Employer branding project of the year
Winner, Flytoget and Europride

2012 European Excellence Awards, Non-Governmental Organizations
Winner, Melk.no, Frokostreisen

2011 European Excellence Awards, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
Winner, Husqvarna, Slapp sommerjobb ga solig synlighet

2011 European Excellence Awards, Technology and consumer electronics
Winner, Husqvarna, Slapp sommerjobb ga solig synlighet

2011 Gullkorn, Diploma for outstanding work
Diploma for own efforts in social media and on pr-o.no.

2011 Gullkorn, open class
Gold, IKEA, catalog launch over seven years*

2010 European Excellence Awards, Nordic Campaign
Winner, Chiquita, a smooth way into bloggers’ hearts

2009 Gullkorn, open class
Gold, Regionsområdet for nord-gudbrandsdalen

2008 Gullkorn, business profiling of the year
Gold, Hafslund CC8

2008 Retailprisen, open class
Gold, IKEA soverom

2007 Gullkorn, product development of the year
Gold, IKEA Herberget

2007 Retailprisen, in shop activities
Gold, IKEA Herberget

2007 Retailprisen, integrated campaigns
Silver, IKEA Herberget

2007 Orkla Adverstising awards
Gold, Sætre bokstavkjeks

2006 Orkla Advertising awards
Finalist, Lypsyl

2005 Orkla Advertising awards
Finalist, Lypsyl

*In collaboration with Geelmuyden.Kiese


When you want something to happen.

Contact Head of Agency Petter Thorendahl

T: +47 922 20 997 E: pt@pr-o.no